Monogram Gifts Are The Best!

Every business starts with an idea.  An idea to bring in more money to the household, an idea to be creative, or simply something to fill your downtime.  For me my shop started with a monogrammed hat!

Every holiday and birthday my husband would always struggle picking out gifts for me.  Y'all I mean he would start asking me months in advance and as a women I would say I wanted shoes or clothes.  Honestly I was never very specific and most of the time he was too afraid to buy me anything for fear of me not liking it and would end up getting me some sort of gift card.  When I say for fear of me not liking it he was truly afraid.  For our second Christmas he bought me tons of clothes.  They were beautiful and I am sure very expensive, but the problem was... none of them fit.  He was trying to be so sweet and bought them all almost two sizes too small.  Bless his heart he tried, but never again did he buy me clothes.  

One year I told him to get me something monogrammed.  That year he bought me a monogrammed baseball hat.  That hat has become a staple in my wardrobe and one I sell today!

Monogrammed Baseball Hat

The hat that started it all.

When our second son was a couple months old I decided I wanted to do something out of our home that would keep my creative juices flowing and bring some additional money into the household.  That's when it hit me.  I loved all the monogram gifts my husband had bought me over the years and I knew that others would love these gifts too!  This is when I decided to start my own embroidery business.  I started with a small personal machine, a dream, and a very supportive husband.  As the orders began rolling in I quickly out grew my small machine and invested in my 6 needle machine.  

My 6 needle machine in action! If you want to see video of this amazing machine check out this short video on my instagram

I love being able to stay at home with my boys and create beautiful gifts that show off your unique and God given name.  

My two handsome boys Noah and Levi.

It is my goal to create your favorite gift, piece of clothing, or go to accessory that keeps you coming back for more time after time.

Wearing my favorite Charles River New Englander Rain Jacket on a rainy day at the beach!

Just remember this fun little fact... the best part about a monogrammed gift is that it cannot be regifted!